The things I do.

From a young age I have this fascination for books, although I am a bad and slow reader, I bought them. Instead of reading it was writing what I did. My goal was to write a book and I that dream lived on until my early twenties. Slowly when the time past the dream faded and my passion for writing died with it.
Since 2018 I have the idea of creating books, preferably from scratch. I want to design the pages and cover, craft the paper, fill the pages with ink by calligraphy, drawing and printing. And the last step will be the assembly by binding the book together.

The thin line between

the meaningful and meaningless is where I position my work. A few strokes of ink on a canvas can tell you a story. I find it very interesting that the story itself can be created by the onlooker and doesn’t necessarily has to be given by the artist. So partly it the pages of the book are filled with expressive asemic calligraphy. The other part will consist of my thoughts on our modern life and technology. As a book is a good example of how technology changed how mankind. On top of that I personally have a love hate relationship with technology cause I can’t deny I am a bit of a nerd but I also long for the craftsmanship of handmade pieces. That’s why I like to put this struggle in my work as I know there are many people out there with the same relationship with technology.

The techniques I use(or want to learn)

Calligraphy :: Ruling Pen :: Folded Pen :: Papermaking :: Ink Drawing :: Linocut print :: Bookbinding :: Stamping :: Letterpress :: Animation :: Processing :: P5.js ::