Set out to discover.

I see myself as an explorer, not the type that wanders to the far corners of the world. I lose myself in words, by listening to others and understanding what they are trying to say. We communicate our thoughts through words and give meaning to words and symbols so we can understand ourselves, our surrounding and the people living close to us.
I  like to discover new perspectives, thoughts or facts.  I  try to discover meaning in the words we use. Language is one of the most fascinating things about us human beings. I believe that the words we know define how we think and the words we use define who we are.  As we are progressing in life who we are changes over time and it’s definitely not set in stone. Words come and go as I see it our identity flows with it.

What is the meaningof this?

This has drawn me into philosophy as the ancient philosophers reflect on their lives and tried to put those reflections into words. The contemporary philosophers are trying to reveal and discover the meaning of those words. And language is changing slowly and the use words change accordingly. This results in a shift in how we give meaning to the things in our life.
I see meaning as a creation of mankind, you can call me a nihilist. Life in general is meaningless, which doesn’t mean you can’t experience your life as being meaningful. For example you are parent or you contribute to society in anyway or find your job very meaningful because you simply enjoy it. That’s all fine. But still your life doesn’t have meaning on it’s own; you made it meaningful. Which is a human creation and I softly add it’s an illusion that covers the meaninglessness of being.
This state of nihilism comes with struggles like anxiety and depression. And makes me doubt if my life is worth living. A question that reoccurs from time to time and I don’t have a definite answer for it. Although I understand that it is not the most easy way to live. I don’t want it to be any different, it gives me a certain comfort that I don’t have to seek meaning in my life. Life being meaningless is in my perspective nor negative nor positive. It is a neutral state, which can be a little frightening, I know.
As an artist I put these thoughts into physical pieces by crafting notes and binding them into booklets. I fell in love crafts and arts involving language like calligraphy,  paper making  and bookbinding a few years ago. I  love to combine all these techniques and my thinking into handmade books. You can find some of my finished pieces here.