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The words we usereveal who we are.

Every time we express ourselves with the words we currently know we state who we are at that present moment. I love to listen to people or read their words very carefully to understand who they are and what they are saying. The meaning within those words fascinate me, which makes me do what I do.

This was on my mind

Crafting notes and binding them into pieces of art.

As of 2021 I am a beginner when it comes to paper making, bookbinding and ink drawing. I’ll be sharing the progress and development of these craftsmanship.

Words reveal my thoughts

I am...


Why are notes so important?

From a young age I jot down thoughts in notebooks, I never realized how valuable these notes could be to analyze my thinking. During the period of my depression I kept writing on the bad days and stopped doing so on the good days. While looking back at these notes from this period I discovered how I created this story about myself which was false. I didn’t have just bad days all the time but based on the notes I could only read about the bad days and started to tell myself that I always felt depressed. The beauty about our believes is that we adjust our behavior upon them. That is why I chose my notes to be the core of my art.

The limits of my language are the limits of my world.

Ludwig Wittgenstein